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Let me provide you with the legal services you deserve.


Law Office of

Robert D. Harlan 


     Maryland Worker’s Compensation and Family Law are complicated, sometimes confusing and an emotional journey, which you do not have to walk alone. Please allow Maryland attorney Robert D. Harlan to help you understand Maryland Worker’s Compensation or Family Law as it applies to your unique circumstances.

     You are stronger than you think and with attorney Robert D. Harlan at your side providing you with competent, comprehensive and easy to understand counsel bolstering your confidence for a predictable and satisfactory outcome. The legal process can be enormously stressful, and my goal is to help you understand your rights and the issues affecting your case.

     Law Office of Robert D. Harlan LLC will keep you involved and guide you in calmly and effectively making important decisions about your case. I am committed in letting you know what is going on at every stage and explain every detail, so you are able to make effective decisions


Allow me to work with you.

Law Office of Robert D. Harlan LLC.

A Trusted Maryland Attorney

Serving the Entire State of Maryland in Workers' Compensation

Serving Charles and Prince George's Counties in Family Law

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