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Child Support


Both parents have an obligation for the financial support and maintenance of their children. Where custody have been established, the custodial parent is presumed to contribute his/her share of support and the non-custodial parent pay his or her share of support to the custodial parent on behalf of the children. Parents must agree to pay child support.

The Child Support Administration inside each Department of Social Services can assist in the collection of child support, address modification, failure to pay and other issues.

Child Support Guidelines

    Based on combined actual incomes of $30,000/month.

    92 overnights are required for shared physical custody.

    Number of minor children and expenses related to work-related child care, healthcare, extraordinary medical, transportation are taken into consideration when calculating child support.


Court Order Modification


A party may obtain a modification of a court order as the order relates to child support, child custody, alimony and use and possession. A court order modification requires a material change in circumstance. The party is urged to consult with an attorney.

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